Business Administration / Economics / Public Policy

Business Administration

B41901 Probability and Statistics
B41902 Statistical Inference
B41903 Applied Econometrics
B41910 Time Series Analysis for Forecasting and Model Building
B41911 Advanced Econometrics
B41912 Applied Multivariate Analysis
B41913 Bayesian Econometrics
B41914 Multivariate Time Series Analysis


E30400 Introduction to Mathematical Methods in Economics
E31000 Empirical Analysis I
E31100 Empirical Analysis II
E31200 Empirical Analysis III
E34901 Social Interactions and Inequality
E35002 The Origins and Consequences of Inequality in Capabilities
E37403 Research Seminar on the Quantitative Study on Inequality
E37200 Analysis of Microeconomic Data I
E37300 Analysis of Microeconomic Data II
E37403 Research Seminar on the Quantitative Study on Inequality

Public Policy

PPHA31000 Statistics for Public Policy I
PPHA31100 Statistics for Public Policy II
PPHA31200 Mathematical Statistics for Public Policy I
PPHA31300 Mathematical Statistics for Public Policy II
PPHA34600 Program Evaluation
PPHA34800 Mixed Methods Approaches to Policy Research
PPHA39701 Research Methods for Cultural Policy
PPHA40100 Policy Analysis: Methods and Applications
PPHA41400 Applied Regression Analysis
PPHA41600 Survey Research Methodology and Analysis
PPHA41800 Survey Questionnaire Design
PPHA42000 Applied Econometrics I
PPHA42100 Applied Econometrics II
PPHA43900 Basic Demographic Analysis
PPHA44800 Advanced Methods in Comparative Effectiveness Research
PPHA44900 Social Experiments: Design and Generalization
PPHA45400 Longitudinal Data Analysis I
PPHA45401 Longitudinal Data Analysis II

Comparative Human Development / Political Science / Sociology

Comparative Human Development

CHDV20101/30101 Applied Statistics in Human Development Research
CHDV30102 Causal Inference
CHDV32411 Mediation, Moderation, and Spillover
CHDV40303 Research Methods: Exploration of Small N and Casual-Comparative Research Methods

Political Science

PLSC30500 Introduction to Data Analysis
PLSC30700 Introduction to Linear Models
PLSC43100 Maximum Likelihood
PLSC33300 Interpretive Methods in the Social Sciences


SOCI30004 Statistical Methods of Research 1
SOCI30005 Statistical Methods of Research 2
SOCI30111 Survey Analysis-1
SOCI30112 Applications of Hierarchical Linear Models
SOCI30118 Survey Research Overview
SOCI30157 Mathematical Models
SOCI30206 Demographic Methods: Measurement and Analysis in Population Studies
SOCI30253 Introduction to Spatial Data Science
SOCI40103 Event History Analysis
SOCI40182 Causal Analysis Based on the Use of Propensity Score and Standardization
SOCI40217 Spatial Regression Analysis

Public Health Sciences

HSTD30900 Principles of Epidemiology
HSTD31001 Epidemiologic Methods
HSTD32100 Introduction to Biostatistics
HSTD32400 Applied Regression Analysis
HSTD32600 Analysis of Categorical Data
HSTD32700 Biostatistical Methods
HSTD33100 Applied Survival Analysis
HSTD33300 Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis
HSTD33500 Statistical Applications
HSTD35100 Health Services Research Methods
HSTD38000 Health Status Assessment: Measurement and Inference
HSTD40500 Advanced Epidemiologic Methods


STAT22000 Statistical Methods and Applications
STAT22200 Linear Models and Experimental Design
STAT22400 Applied Regression Analysis
STAT23400 Statistical Models and Methods
STAT24300 Numerical Linear Algebra
STAT24400 Statistical Theory and Methods I
STAT24500 Statistical Theory and Methods II
STAT25100 Introduction to Mathematical Probability
STAT25300 Introduction to Probability Models
STAT26100 Time Dependent Data
STAT26700 History of Statistics
STAT27400 Nonparametric Inference
STAT30100 Mathematical Statistics I
STAT30200 Mathematical Statistics II
STAT30400 Distribution Theory
STAT30600 Advanced Statistical Inference
STAT30750 Numerical Linear Algebra
STAT30800 Advanced Statistical Inference-2
STAT34300 Applied Linear Statistical Methods
STAT34500 Design and Analysis of Experiments
STAT34700 Generalized Linear Models
STAT37601 Machine Learning and Large-Scale Data Analysis