The Workshop on Quantitative Research Methods in Education, Health, and Social Sciences (QMEHSS) serves as an important venue on the University of Chicago campus for building an intellectual community of colleagues who share methodological interests. Workshop participants meet biweekly to discuss working papers and brainstorm solutions to methodological problems encountered in ongoing research. Participants have included faculty members, researchers, and students from the Social Sciences Division, Health Studies, Statistics, Public Policy, the National Opinion Research Center, the Consortium for Chicago School Research, and colleagues from the University of Illinois in Chicago. In addition, we have invited speakers from other major universities to share with us their latest work. This workshop is sponsored by the Division of the Social Sciences, the Committee on Education, the Center for Health Statistics, and the National Opinion Research Center. 

The Workshop meets every other Friday from 1030 am until 1200 noon in the Social Science Research Center, Second Floor of the McGiffert House, Conference Room 240, located at 5751 South Woodlawn Avenue. The room location is subject to change, so please check specifc announcement to confirm workshop location. 

Spring 2018

Apr 13 Luc Anselin, Stein-Frieler Distinguished Service Professor in Sociology, 
Department of Sociology, University of Chicago 
Title: More LISA, Multivariate Extensions
Apr 27 Michal Kolesar, Assistant Professor of Economics and Public
Affairs, Department of Economics and Woodrow Wilson School
Princeton University
Title: Inference in Instrumental Variables Analysis with Heterogeneous
Treatment Effects
May 11 Andrew Ho, Professor of Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education 
Title: Linking Methods for Comparing Group Means and Proficiency
Cut-Scores Across Tests
May 25 Azeem Shaikah, Professor and Thornber Rsearch Fellow, Department
of Economics, University of Chicago 

Winter 2018

Jan 26 Steve N. Durlauf, Harris School of Public Policy, 
University of Chicago
Title: Identifying Social Influences on Individual Outcomes 
Feb 2 Dan A Black, Professor, Harris School of Public Policy, 
University of Chicago
Title: Simple Tests for Selection: Learning More from Instrumental 
Variables (with 
Joonhwi Joo, University of Chicago; Bob LaLonde, University 
of Chicago; Jeff Smith, University of Wisconsin at Madison; and Evan
Taylor, University of Chicago)
Feb 16 Justin Grimmer, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, 
University of Chicago
Title: How to Make Causal Inferences Using Texts 
Feb 22 Don Hedeker, Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences
University of Chicago 
Title: Investigating Mood Regulation and Smoking: Applications of 
Mixed-Effects Location-Scale Models for Intensive Longitudinal Data 

NOTE: This Wokshop will be held in the Social Science Research
Center (SSRC) Conference Room from 400 pm until 500 pm

Fall 2017

Oct  13                         Dulal K. Bhaumik, Director, Biostatistical Research Center
and Professor of Biostatistics, Psychiarty and Bioengineering,
University of Illinois at Chicago 
Title: Sample Size Determination for Multilevel Hierarchical Designs Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Oct 27 Yongyun Shin, Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics, Virginia
Commonwealth University
Title: Sources of Variance in a Random Coefficients Model Given Data MAR
Nov 1 Bradley Carlin, Professor and Head, Division of Biostatistics, Mayo
Professor in Public Health, University of Minnesota
Title: Academic-Industry-Government Collaborations in Bayesian Adaptive Clinical Trials and Regulatory Science
Nov 17 Andrey Rzhetsky, Professor, Biological Sciences Division, Genetic Medicine,
University of Chicago 
Title: Advantures with Large Biomedical Datasets: Deseases, Medical Records, Enbironment and Genetics 
Dec 6 Donald B. Rubin, John L. Loeb Professor of Statistics, Harvard University
Title: Evaluating the Effect of Training on Wages in the Presence of
Noncompliance, Nonemployment and Missing Outcome Data  

NOTE: This event is being co-sponsored by the Department of Public
Health Sciences and will be held on Wed Dec 6, 2017 from 330 pm until 500 pm in Social Science Research Building  -  1126 East 59th Street; First Floor Lecture Hall Room 122