The Workshop on Quantitative Research Methods in Education, Health, and Social Sciences (QMEHSS) serves as an important venue on the University of Chicago campus for building an intellectual community of colleagues who share methodological interests. Workshop participants meet biweekly to discuss working papers and brainstorm solutions to methodological problems encountered in ongoing research. Participants have included faculty members, researchers, and students from the Social Sciences Division, Health Studies, Statistics, Public Policy, the National Opinion Research Center, the Consortium for Chicago School Research, and colleagues from the University of Illinois in Chicago. In addition, we have invited speakers from other major universities to share with us their latest work. This workshop is sponsored by the Division of the Social Sciences, the Committee on Education, the Center for Health Statistics, and the National Opinion Research Center. 

The Workshop meets every other Friday from 10:30 am  until 12:00 pm in NORC Room 344. Below is the schedules for forthcoming workshops.

2016-2017 QMEHSS Workshop Schedule:

Fall 2016

October 7 Xu Qin PhD Student, Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago Assessing Heterogeneity of Causal Mediation Mechanism in Multi-Site Trials
October 21 Jiebiao Wang

PhD Student, Public Health Sciences,University of Chicago

A High-Dimensional Multivariate Selection Model for Proteomics Data with Batch-Level Missingness
November 4 Tyler VanderWeele

Professor, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard University 

On the causal interpretation of race in regressions adjusting for confounding and mediating variables
November 18 Elizabeth Maggie Penn Professor of Political Science and the College, University of Chicago Inequality, Social Context, and Value Divergence
December 2 Richard Hahn Associate Professor of Econometrics and Statistics; Chicago Booth Bayesian Causal Forests

Winter 2017

February 10

Stephen W. Raudenbush


Daniel Schwartz

Lewis-Sebring Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Sociology, the College, the Harris School of Public Policy and Chair, Committee on Education

University of Chicago

Estimation in Multisite Randomized Trials with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
February 24 Azeem Shaikh

Professor of Economics, University of Chicago 

Inference Under Covariate-Adaptive Randomization
March 10 Marc Berman

Director, Environmental Neuroscience Laboratory, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Member, Grossman Neuroscience Institute, Fellow, Computation Institute, University of Chicago

Neural and Environmental Factors Related to Self-Control 

Spring 2017

April 7 Stephane Bonhomme Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Discretizing Unobserved Heterogeneity
April 21 Kazuo Yamaguchi

Hanna Holborn Gray Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago

May 5

Guanglei Hong


Xu Qin

Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago

Ph.D. Student, Department of Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago

A weighting-based approach to sensitivity analysis in the context of single-level and multilevel mediation analysis
May 19 Larry V. Hedges Board of Trustees Professor, Northwestern University Department of Statistics
(Chairman of the Department), Department of Psychology (by courtesy), Institute for Policy Research,
Department of Medical Social Sciences, and the School of Education and Social Policy
Jun 2 TBD   TBD